Hi there!

Thanks for coming to my site and hopefully you’re not here because you got lost! Ha

I am the founder and creator of Fit + Focus, a platform about creating your ultimate life while staying fit and keeping a positive focus on life!

This became a passion of mine when I decided to get healthy and quit the BS of making excuses for myself and not feeling confident in who I was. I had gained a lot of weight due to putting myself last. I’d had a tough year with jobs, money, and my overall self-confidence took a dive. Enough was enough.

I began listening to personal development Podcasts in an effort to spark some good vibes! From there it was a snowball effect. I started making small shifts in my mindset and began taking care of my self body, mind, and soul.

I’ve since lost over 50 pounds, I feel more confident in myself and I’ve been able to change my mindset around all the negative things that used to impact me.

I hope you stick around to watch me continue to evolve!


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