Dry February?

Happy February!

January went by so quickly I have whiplash. Seriously. I had a powerful discussion with my fiancé last night and we came to a fun conclusion. We are going to dedicate the entire month of February to “no alcohol & no social media“. To some, that sounds like a punishment. To us, it’s progress.

We all know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Well, hello there living proof *raises hand*.

My fiancé and I have repeatedly started diets and workout plans and printed out calendars with a countdown / count-up to our “end goal date” and yet so many times have fallen off after a few days or had a cheat meal that turned into 15 (see previous entries for further examples).

So with that, I came to the decision that we should cut out social media for the month. It was his idea to cut out alcohol and let me explain why (because ya’ll know I love my wine). Every weekend we have a date night (we did this pre-covid too), and we drink a bottle (sometimes 2, don’t judge) of wine. We also usually go to bed late because we’re catching up on TV shows from the week. Well, the past two weekends we have been focusing on getting up early (I know, even on a Saturday) and working out. That has been harder to do after fewer hours of sleep and being slightly hungover from the wine (we did stick to 1 bottle this weekend #progress)!

He said we should cut out alcohol because it will help us stick to our goals and prevent hangovers on the weekends when we want to get in a morning workout before we start the day and run errands. I agree (despite already missing my glass of cab).

It was at that point I realized another hard truth, social media was hurting my progress not helping it. Sure, I had taken actions to limit the content that wasn’t inspiring/motivating me but I was still letting it distract me from sticking to my goals. I knew he was already contemplating a social media cleanse and I feel like when a thought comes into your head, even if you don’t like it, you should act on it. So here we go.

Thank goodness February is the shortest month of the year! This will be the perfect opportunity for us to see what our results will be in 28 days. We have 4 perfect weeks to stick to our goals. For me, it’s following the Insanity program (my fiancé has the workouts on DVD so I pop one into the Xbox) every morning in the living room followed by lifting weights before I start my day. It’s also our plan to eat healthy and at night spend an hour reading before going to bed (8:30pm bedtime for me).

We have printed calendars on our bathroom door to track our weekly weigh-in’s as well as taking measurements. I plan to do a photo a day but sometimes I forget (going to try not to since I upgraded my iCloud storage…Thanks Apple).

Long story short, if your plan isn’t working change it up.

I can’t wait to see where I am in 28 days!