Weighing My Options

Did anyone else have an existential crisis the day after Christmas? No? Just me… Cool.

After waking up and “trying” to get in a workout, I say trying because it was a hot mess, I gave up after 10mins and took a shower. I then sat on the bed once my fiancé woke up and I just knew. I knew I was at my wits end. I knew I kept making excuses (hello Christmas). I knew I kept telling myself I’ll figure it out but I knew I was lying.

I told him that I had zero, and I mean zero, motivation. I know that I like to approach things with an “All or Nothing” mindset. I make lists and then if the first thing doesn’t get done I immediately call it a day and try again tomorrow. He agreed that he is the same way. Sitting there in silence, we both came to a realization that we need to change our approach.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

– Albert Einstein

Our long-term goal (together and separately) is health and wellness. We want to be thriving well into our 80’s and 90’s without limitations of disease or age slowing us down. My fiancé lost his grandmother to Alzheimer’s and that motivates him to want to eat better and workout more. Although these are great reasons to have a long-term goal it is so easy to ignore them when the instant gratification of fast food and Netflix is present. There’s a reason the “I’ll start Monday” or “Diet Starts Tomorrow” lines are so common. We put off long-term goals for instant gratification.

We decided to do something we’ve never done before. We started on Saturday. Not Monday, not Sunday, but that day. We drove to Mariano’s so that I could grab a couple of pre-made juices (I like to mix celery with either grapefruit or watermelon in the mornings). It’s cheaper to juice your own if you have a juicer but it’s also more time consuming so pick your battle. It also just made me feel better that I was putting something fresh and healthy into my body instead of the endless junk food I’d been consuming all week.

That night we worked out together in our second bedroom turned workout room. We have a range of dumbbells from 5-60lbs as well as resistance bands. Even though I have my workouts from my Winter Challenge (I’ve been neglecting), I like working out with my fiancé because it makes it more fun and changes up my routine. I made him a deal which I’m sure he’ll like: My workout challenge every 6 weeks costs about $100, I told him I would not sign up the following challenge and in return give him the $100 to train me. He agreed.

That night we also took photos of ourselves: front, back, and side. We also weighed ourselves to have a jumping off point. On our bathroom door we have a spreadsheet listing out the next 20-25 weeks (I can’t remember) along with our weigh-in’s for each week so that we can track our progress. In our living room, we have a calendar where we are counting up the day’s we’ve stayed on track. This helps give us a visual and remind us of our goals when temptation comes knocking.

To sweeten the deal we’ve also added a monetary element to it. For every 10lbs I lose until I reach my goal he’ll give me $250. For him I’d give him a $250 to Zara if he reaches his weight loss goal of 45lbs down.

Sometimes you have to step back and reevaluate your plan of attack. Clearly mine hasn’t been working since I started talking about how I plan to lose weight (again). The holidays can come and knock you off your feet so quickly with all the sweets and treats being passed around. Can I just tell you Ferrero Roche is my absolute weakness???

With that being said…I’ve taken time to reevaluate my goals and here’s how you can too:

  1. Write out your goal (what is it that you want to achieve?)
    • For me, my goal is to lose weight
  2. Write down why:
    • For me, so I can be stronger and leaner
  3. Write down one thing you can do today to get there:
    • For me, I can make sure to get at least 30mins (min) of cardio or exercise

There are so many different things you can start today alone to get you to your goal but by coming up with one thing to focus on and committing to in for the next 3-4 days gets you in the habit. Once you feel like you’ve got a handle on that go back to your list and add something else. Build upon your “Why” reasons and ways to accomplish that.

Some other examples of how I can achieve my goal:

  1. Getting at least 7-8hrs of sleep each night
  2. Drinking a green shake for breakfast
  3. Taking time for self-care (meditate, journal, baths, etc.)
  4. Meal prepping lunch/dinner for the week
  5. Drinking plenty of water

Always build upon your goal. I’ve said it before, your goal is like Oz and the yellow brick road is your “why” and your “how”.

Hope this helps!