So This is Christmas…And What Have You Done?

There’s nothing quite like the holidays to throw off your routine no matter how cheerful you feel. These last few weeks, in addition to trying to structure myself so that I stay on track, I have been sidetracked with tasks, obstacles, and projects. My office is working remotely through the end of the year however, I have probably spent more time AT work then at home. I’ve found that by the time I got home I was too exhausted to workout (which is never a good excuse).

As much as the holidays bring a long a sense of magic and celebration they also bring a little bit of chaos. I mean that in a fun way..but also a disruptive way. The holidays are that time of year when you hear, “It’s okay to eat that it’s a holiday” or “I’ll workout after the holiday”. So many things we tell ourselves to feel less guilty. First of all, you should never feel guilty about eating a little more around the holidays or any type of celebration for that matter.

If you’re like me and you don’t react well to a shift in plans then here’s some advice for you:

  1. Make a list – even if it fall through because, well, life:
    • On that list – circle or star the top 3 priorities: working out, grocery shopping, calls/meetings
  2. Plan ahead – If you know you’ll be going to a gathering or having a lot of yummy foods then either try to have a healthy breakfast so you’re starting the day off with plenty of nutrients; schedule a workout first thing in the morning so you can let the day run its course (or after if you like working out at night). Eat a small meal before going somewhere so you don’t overserve yourself on cookies or taco dip (not that anyone would judge!)
  3. Eat the damn cookie – If you’re like me and you eat fairly healthy 90% of the time and usually turn down sweets then follow the 80/20 on this one. 80% of the time eat healthy, 20% of the time eat what makes you happy!
  4. Self – Care – The holidays are not meant to be stressful. Even when it can get overwhelming make sure you take time for yourself. A car can’t run on empty fumes and neither can you! Take a bubble bath, drinking a glass of wine, listen to some calming meditation music, or just sit in a quiet room for a few minutes to gather your thoughts.

This year looks a lot different than last, between a global pandemic and not being able to do much of anything I am choosing to stay home this Christmas and hunker down with my fiancĂ©. We’ll probably watch Home Alone and drink hot chocolate. To me, that sounds a lot better than going to my grandparents house and having to interact with my mom (we haven’t spoken much in the last year and if you’ve kept up with my blog then you’d recall she recently decided to separate from my dad). Anyways, not everyone enjoys seeing their family around the holidays for one reason or another. So don’t feel guilty and also don’t turn to the cookies just because they’re their.

Weight loss can be tough around the holidays but it’s not impossible!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!