How to View Weight Loss as a Stepping Stone

Why does it feel like every time I tell myself, “Alright this is it! We’re gonna get serious, we’re going to be determined, we’re going to be strict, we’re going to wake up every morning at 5am…” That my body is like, “HA! Nice one!”

One one hand, sure, it would be great to have that kind of drive and determination but on the other is reality. Life sets in. Jobs require work, phones require answering, kids require attention, the list goes on. We can’t always expect to drop everything but what we can do is make small domino goals.

I make an effort to start my day off with a protein shake. It’s something I’ve been doing since I started my weight loss journey back in 2018 (so I know it works). At least if I start my day on the right foot it puts me in the right direction for having a good rest of my day. Now, if I do end up not working out or eating junk food, I can at least know that I started off on the right track.

Last week was extremely busy for me. I was in and out of the office everyday and I met with my boss for my year end review and it was way better than expected. I got a significant pay raise and bonus that is sure to help me pay off the $2k medical bill I got from my night in the ER (being an adult is fun they said…).

One of the things I discussed with my boss is my confidence level. Now, long story short, I have been at my current job since January and it is a completely new field to me. When I started, I was quite and I took everything in. I like to observe and process how things run before I start doing them myself or find ways to do them my way. My boss said to me, “I couldn’t read you the first few months.” He said I’m very reserved but also once he got to know me he sees that I have a great presence and personality, but that I need to let that come through more (especially in this time of virtual meetings and phone calls).

I realize that I can be very shy or timid when I’m in unfamiliar territory. I also know that I experienced a lot of Imposter Syndrome when I began my job because I was afraid people would think I was uneducated in my new field or I would sound stupid for asking questions or speaking up. Now how sad is that? At the end of the day we all want the same thing. We want to succeed in our positions for the company. It’s okay to ask questions if you are unsure of how something works or why it works a certain way. It’s okay to speak up and give your input or ask for feedback. Is it scary? Oh yeah, but at the end of the day you’re all working towards the same goals.

I use this blog as a platform to share my struggles and my ups and downs with weight loss. At the end of the day I still have the same goal and that is to reach my ideal version of my body (toned and defined muscles). Every day is a new chance for me to get one step closer to that goal. Yes, it will take some confidence. It will take showing up to my workouts but those workouts are leading me to my goal. Think of it like a project you don’t want to do but you know you have to because it will lead you to your goal of a promotion or getting an A in class. If you look at it as a stepping stone rather than an obstacle in your way then you are more likely to approach it with energy and excitement vs. dream and frustration. This can be applied to every aspect of your life not just your health and wellness goals.

Here are 3 questions I want to leave you with today:

  1. How can you show up today in a way that serves your overall goal?
  2. What small goals can you accomplish today that will help you on your way to your larger goal?
  3. What areas of your life can you create domino goals?