And Just Like That…I Fell Off

Well, well, well… If it isn’t my sheer audacity coming at me with a, “You fell off already?”. Listen, I’m not perfect. I’m learning that very quickly. It’s not a matter of being motivated. It’s a matter of having willpower and discipline. It will never be an even balance (although ideally, that is the goal).

The weekend started out fine, I decided not to workout Saturday morning because I was enjoying my cup of coffee, journaling, and lounging in my robe. I told myself “You are allowed to rest”. Well that lead to a downward spiral. Sometimes I give myself too much permission. It’s like telling a 5 year old they can eat candy and then they wind up with a stomach ache because they didn’t know when to stop. *I am that 5 year old*

Although last week was Thanksgiving I made dinner for my fiancé and I and hadn’t touched the leftovers. Probably should throw those out now..

I quickly found that despite wanting to be motivated and wanting to stay on track my mind kept playing tricks on me. It was like a constant Angel vs. Devil on my shoulder situation. I know now that I am just lying to myself to get out of doing what I want most for myself, to be healthy, toned, and confident.

I started the week off with an OMAD mindset because eating Chipotle as my “One Meal A Day” kept me full all night and I even lost 2 pounds while doing it. Yet, right before bed I found I was ravenous and wanting to eat but telling myself to just go to bed and chug water. Not ideal for the long run.

I truly realize that this is more than willpower but it’s dedication. Sometimes starting with a strong goal makes you defeated before you’ve even started. There are 29 days left in 2020! That is 29 opportunities to improve myself even if it’s just by doing one thing a day.

I’m going to do my best to just take it one day at a time. I need to start my day with a healthy green drink to get my body off to a healthy start and then follow that up with a healthy lunch and dinner. I also need to stop eating out for dinner because it’s convenient. That Chipotle bowl I keep getting? I’ll make my own healthier version if I want it so badly. AND it’ll be cheaper because I’m buying the ingredients. So next time I report back I hope to be sharing my recipe with you 🙂

Wish me luck!