Why I Quit MLM

I want to start this off by saying I have nothing again my MLM sisters. You guys rock and it takes a lot of balls to go out there and do what you do!

With that being said…

It’s just not for me.

I first learned about MLM when I joined a Facebook group for a Podcast I listened to. My first experience with MLM was going to a Mary Kay party my aunt hosted. I think I even went to a Lia Sophia party at a neighbors house when I was in middle school. I thought MLM was the classic Avon makeup my grandma sold to her friends and that I sometimes took from her makeup bag when she wasn’t looking. I had no idea there was a whole business dedicated to it.

Just upon joining this particular Facebook group I began to notice a lot of women preaching their products and “miracle cures” for (enter problem here). Again, I’m not hating, I’m just expressing what I observed.

This particular Facebook group attracted me because like the podcast, it was all about personal development. I was at the lowest place in my life when I came upon this podcast and it was like a sign from the universe that I needed to change.

I slowly started to make better choices and interact with some of the women in the group and as I found my voice I started to focus on my health. Weight loss was a huge part of my journey to wellness. I knew that by starting to workout and eat better I would begin to shift my internal perspective of my appearance.

It was about this same time that the founder of the Facebook group and podcast was joining Beachbody as a coach and I think (this was like over 2 years ago) she was going to follow the 2B Mindset that was about to launch in May of 2018. I was already on my way to my weight loss journey and since I was such a huge fan of hers I decided to join the program. I devoured the videos and kept track of my food and exercise and continued to see progress. I was excited and constantly posting about it on her Facebook group.

Imagine my surprise when after posting about my recent 40 pound weight loss the founder messaged me to say I should consider being a coach! I didn’t think I was ready but at the same time I thought “What the hell?” Maybe this was the push I needed. I wasn’t at my “goal” weight yet but maybe I could help motivate someone or at least get that discount on Shakeology…

So I upgraded my membership to being a coach. I didn’t know if I was going to all of a sudden make hundreds of dollars promoting a product that I DID believe in but didn’t feel right pushing. Can I just tell you how many girls have slid into my DM’s with the same opening line “Hey girl! I love your profile! Since we’re both into fitness have you ever considered joining _____?” Like ok girl bye.

I watched the videos from the coach of my coaches coaches coach? Huh? As much as I wanted to make a difference talking about my weight loss journey I didn’t want to come off like a salesman. That’s not my kool aid.

Honestly, sometimes weight loss sucks.

It’s just as much an emotional journey as it is a physical journey.

You know how in the Wizard of Oz Dorthy gets knocked out and she basically dreams up Oz? It’s kind of like that. You have to go through the mental work of why you want to lose weight in order to push through the physical aspect of it.

So I quit.

I didn’t quit my weight loss journey but I quit MLM.

Which is why you are here.

This is my place to speak my truth and share my struggles. I have good days and I have bad days. I have “cheat” days and I have “victory” days. I have breakdowns and I have breakthroughs. Right now I’m in the beginning phase of my 90 Day Journey to Health & Wellness. It’s kind of a yellow brick road that leads to my OZ (which is my weight loss goal) BUT, just like Dorothy I’ve gotta make a few adjustments and go off track here and there. I’ve got to learn to handle the obstacles that head my way. I’ve got to deal with the mornings where I don’t want to wake up and workout. Can you just get out of bed? This journey is about me. I’m not trying to sell you on anything. No diet plans or workouts just me being me.

If you feel like an MLM is your thing than go get yours girl! More power to you! If you feel like its not than move on. Your thing is out there! Don’t feel like you have to blend in with the crowd.