Take Me (Back) to Paris

Call me a cliche but I could binge watch Emily in Paris for the rest of my life. Sure, it’s a happy-go-lucky show full of its unrealistic outcomes, not to mention over the top outfits, but it made me smile for the duration of the 10 episodes I binge watched in one day. It also made me nostalgic for my time abroad in Paris when I was 19. I had my first glass of wine in Paris. I remember buying a bottle from Monoprix (AKA the Target of Paris) and having to ask my host mom for a wine opener because I didn’t know how to open the bottle.

Although I was only there for 3 months compared to Emily’s one year, I did encounter some of the same obstacles. For example, I too, didn’t know the first floor was the “ground” floor and so I made the climb two floors up (I walked because my suitcase was too big to fit in the one person sized elevator) only to find that the door I knocked on was not my host family waiting for me to arrive but the first floor neighbor. I had to climb another set of stairs to reach my second floor apartment. Oh, and the lights are automatically shut off when you enter and exit in the evening so you need to remember to find the light switch when you come home late!

I was in Paris for an internship with an online fashion website doing social media (similar to Emily) although 7 years ago social media was not anywhere close to what it is now nor was it utilized the same way. I don’t even think using hashtags was as big of a deal as it is now. I definitely didn’t gain as many followers over night as Emily. Then again, I didn’t have an international phone plan so I could only get service where ever the wifi (pronounced wee-fee) was strong.

I had my own faux pas when I tried to tell the other interns I “was full” from lunch by saying, “Je suis plein” which they quickly made me aware that it actually meant “I’m pregnant”. Whoops..

Not nearly as glamorous an office as Emily in Paris

I will say, one of the highlights for me was going to Paris Fashion Week. I looked up locations of shows and waited in the “press” line using my made up title of “Director of Communications” to get me in (if possible). I was able to get into three shows my first day!

The first fashion show I attended in Paris. I can’t even remember who for…
This was the second show I was fortunate enough to get into. Peachoo Krejberg

Paris definitely brought me out of my comfort zone when it came to fashion. I was more open to experimenting with patterns and styles, maybe not to the extent of Emily but I had fun with it!

I had fun playing dress up every day. Being in Paris gave me a creative freedom that I didn’t always allow myself even though I was studying Fashion Design.

I think I learned to be my most creative by being on the outside of fashion shows (mostly because I couldn’t get in). The people watching was so amazing and glamorous.

My time in Paris was life changing. Although I didn’t have the same experience as Emily in Paris it was definitely nostalgic to watch the show and see similar locations that I had once walked down.