Fall into Action

New Month.

Full Moon.

New Goals.

Here We Go!

I’ve quietly been working on myself over the course of the last few months. Between COVID-19, WFH (back in the office now), gaining the Quarantine 15, my parents going through a divorce/separation (I don’t even know anymore), oh and not to mention an ER visit for severe abdominal pain that turned out to be an infection. 


I am now down 10 of the 15 pounds. 

Let me be clear it was not without trial and error. Assessing and reassessing my approach and a whole lotta C O N S I S T E N C Y and P A T I E N C E

For those of you who have followed along my weight loss journey then you already know I’ve lost 50lbs since summer of 2018. I wish I could say it was an easy process and give you all my tips and tricks but I feel like I’m still learning and that’s why I don’t always post (as consistently) as I should.

I do want to share what I feel like has helped me over the last few weeks that has really helped me step up my game. 

1. 6 WEEK CHALLENGE – I have been doing the 6 week challenge with Kyrichfit. She gave me custom macros and has workouts (I do the home version) that I do after work. I love her workouts because it’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket! Some of her workouts are timed so it just keeps you right in it without stopping to take breaks or stressing about looking at workouts on Pinterest and Instragram. The macros are easy to follow along because I take the recipes I want and figure out how to make them fit.

2. DUMBBELLS – The second thing that has helped is that my fiance found dumbbells from Dick’s after searching high and low. By getting heavier weights to workout with our workouts have significantly improved. It’s not to say the lighter weights wouldn’t have sufficed but we would’ve need to do more repetitions to achieve the same goal. I can honestly feel a difference after using heavier weights and that keeps me motivated.

3. CHEAT MEALS – I cut down on cheat meals. This one is a tricky one. My fiance loves a good cheat meal. He looks at it like a weekly reward. I don’t blame him! I usually join him. Our thing is usually doing a large thin crust pepperoni pizza from Papa John’s and a bottle of wine. What really stuck out to me about this was seeing my weight fluctuate 2-3 pounds the next day. Now I know you don’t actually gain 2-3 pounds of weight it’s mostly sodium BUT this was enough of a reason for me to say “enough is enough”. I decided that my cheat meal no longer felt like a reward to me. I decided to skip the pizza and make something that I wanted. So last date night I made a salmon fillet in my Air Fryer and a side salad. I still drank a glass of wine because I’m human and to me, the wine is the treat (notice how I didn’t say “cheat”). By altering my “treat” meals I was able to maintain my weight without a major fluctuation to offset the work I was putting in the rest of the week. Again, this is what I needed to stay focused. You can do what works for you.

4. SLEEP – I started going to bed earlier. Normally, I am in bed by 9:00PM every night but I usually scroll through TikTok and then settle on a YouTube meditation video. This takes an extra 30mins and I enjoy it so I decided to go to bed at 8:30PM. Sounds crazy but it works for me (emphasis on works for me). I get into bed at 8:30PM, I practice my French on the Duolingo app (18 day streak so far), watch a YouTube video on other people who’ve lost weight (motivation), and then fall asleep to my meditation app.

5. PROGRESS PICS – This is without a doubt my favorite form of tracking my progress. I take a pic (front, side, back) sometimes daily, weekly, but definitely monthly! This really helps me stay motivated and focused. There are days where my weight doesn’t change no matter what I do and when I compare side-by-side photos I can really see a difference. This can be done in an outfit you like (or are hoping will fit in a few weeks). Try it and see!

I am still learning every day. What works for me may not work for you but that is why you have to try a few different things! 

Let me know what you find!

Happy Fall Ya’ll