How to Workout in the Morning


morning workout

Hello and happy Monday!

I am very proud of how productive I’ve been so far today and it started with my 5am workout! I know you’re thinking, “Ew why would anyone want to wakeup at 5am on a Monday?” But let me tell you it felt so good and was much easier to do since I prepared for it!

Why should you workout first thing in the morning? Here are my reasons from experience:

  1. By the time you throw your clothes on and start working out your brain hasn’t processed what you’re doing yet (ha)
  2. It’s the perfect form of self-care! It gives you the chance to clear your head before you dive into your day of work emails and unexpected situations!
  3. Your body will continue to burn calories long after your workout
  4. Exercising produces endorphins which is the happy hormone so you’ll be ready to take on the day with a smile!
  5. Working out first thing in the morning allows for more time at night to spend with family or binge watch Netflix!

Okay, so now that we’ve established WHY it’s good to workout in the morning the second part is HOW to prepare for that 5am workout?

Here’s what I do to make sure I can just get up and go:

  • Lay your clothes out the night before: I usually put a sports bra, leggings, and socks in the bathroom so that right when I wake up I can slip them on
  • Put your shoes by the front door so they’re easy to slip on!
  • Fill your water bottle up the night before so it’s nice and cold when you drink it!
  • Don’t forget your hair tie!
    • I always make sure to have one in reach to throw my hair back

What type of workout should I do?

I throw in a workout DVD in my living room and move the coffee table out of the way and this allows me to work up a sweat without having to venture outside!

Other ideas:

  • Go for a morning run
  • Head to the gym
  • Find a YouTube video

There are endless options for a morning workout! You’ll love the Me Time and feel a sense of accomplishment for completing a workout while everyone else is sleeping or just starting their day!

Try it out and let me know how it goes!