Summer 19

It has been a hot second since I posted last.

I’m still engaged (af) and excited about the next chapter in my life with my fiancé! After the engagement and the first few weeks of summer I gained what I like to call, “engagement weight“. It was one too many glasses of wine on the weekend and “treating myself” a little too much! There’s no harm in that, this is an exciting time but I didn’t like the way I was starting to feel from deviating from my healthy lifestyle.

Sluggish, drained, unmotivated.

I got back in the gym and back on my healthy eating and let me tell you, the weight came off, but with consistent effort and dedication. You’re not always going to be motivated. There were days I skipped the gym because my body was begging me to take it easy and so I listened (this is also known as self-care). Weight loss is not a straight shot to the finish line. There are a LOT of stops along the way! It’s like taking a road trip and stopping in cute little towns to meander. Sometimes you stay longer than expected, sometimes you make a pit stop for a bathroom break and then are right back in the car! No matter what your destination looks like it’s the journey that you remember.

I’m happy to say that compared to last summer when I really began my weight loss journey I am down over 50 pounds and have been working on the next 10 for what feels like 6 months! My muscle tone is changing but the scale is staying the same and that can be frustrating. What this does for me is tells me it’s okay to switch things up!

When someone asks me what have I done to lose weight I think the short answer is “What haven’t I done?” There really isn’t a guide book to weight loss, I mean yes you can go to Barns & Noble and see an entire wall dedicated to diet and weight loss books but no two books are the same because there are 1000000000 ways to lose weight and it’s a matter of finding the one that works for you! No one knows your body like you do.

Let me ask you a few questions to get started:

  1. When do you feel the most energetic throughout the day?
  2. Are you a morning or night person?
  3. What foods upset your stomach or make you feel lousy after eating?
  4. What kind of physical activities do you enjoy?
  5. Do you drink enough water throughout the day?

Use these to build your own workout and weight loss plan. 1 and 2 go hand-in-hand, I like morning workouts because it gives me mental clarity before I start my day but sometimes I can’t get up early to workout so instead I choose to workout after work.

For foods that bother me: I know that when I eat pizza it makes me feel physically heavy and like a weight is on me so I try to focus on those emotions when I crave it. That doesn’t mean I’ll never have it again but it reminds me of the after effect.

The kinds of physical activity I like are workouts that break a sweat but also have small rewards, I like strength training because I feel accomplished when I do an extra set or go up in weight. I’ve tried Pilates and while I enjoyed the workout I was missing the sweat from the end of the session.

Lastly, I haven’t drank soda in over a year because I keep a water bottle in arms reach and I naturally gravitate to drinking it and making sure to drink at least half my body weight in oz everyday.

We’re just about in the middle of summer and I have never felt more confident then I do now but I’m still on my journey to wellness and weight loss! Every day is a new chance to better myself and despite minor set backs I know that the journey is what’s important to me!