Engaged AF

So it was a busy weekend!

I got engaged!!!!


Friday night my boyfriend (now fiance) and  I went to dinner at Cooper’s Hawk, like we do every Friday night, and just before the bill came our server, who we request every week because she’s so friendly and always takes care of us, brought out a plate with a post-it note on it.

Now let me explain the post-it so you don’t think he’s cheap or anything ha. Every night before he goes to bed he will leave a post-it note on the bathroom mirror for me to see when I wake up. It usually says something along the lines of, “I love you and hope you have a great day” or “I had the best weekend with you!” Something sweet like that. Every morning before I leave for work I write one back. I can not tell you how many post-it’s I’ve collected over the past year!



So of course, when he got down one one knee and asked me to be his wife I said YES! 




I’m so excited to be engaged to my best friend and love of my life! We have been through so much together and this is truly a blessing and an honor to be his future wife!

We celebrated tf out of Friday night and definitely was hurting Saturday.

I went to see my parents Saturday to show them the ring and my wonderful mother got me a card and The Knot magazine! She’s definitely excited that her (only) daughter is getting married!


I will say – she did start asking me 100 questions about my ideas for a wedding and when do I want to get married, what kind of dress do I want to wear, how many people? SOOOO many questions!

I made my fiance take me to Barns & Nobel to look at wedding planning books and stumbled on an amazing one called: Weddiculous: An Unfiltered Guide to Being a Bride

I feel like this is the perfect book to take the immediate pressure and anxiety I have about planning a wedding and letting it be more fun and enjoyable because that’s how wedding planning should be!


On Memorial Day we went to the Arlington Race Track and bet on some horses and watched the races with a few friends! It was a great way to top off the engagement weekend and to celebrate!


Of course I couldn’t pass up an excuse to wear a big floppy hat, drink rose, and wear a floral romper!


One of the most exciting times for me is to reflect on how far I’ve come! Below is a photo from last Memorial Day when we went to the track! There is such a noticeable difference in my face that I’m so proud to show off! The difference in these photos is 50 pounds and I’m so excited to continue on my journey to health and wellness!


Let me be honest, we celebrated ALL weekend. We had Dunkin Donuts for breakfast Sunday and went to IHOP for breakfast Monday! There was also Chipotle and pizza involved. Oh yea, we went all out! That’s what you do when you’re celebrating!

I’m not going to turn into one of those Bridezilla-exercise crazy women to have the “perfect body” for my wedding day. Hell, we don’t even KNOW when our wedding day will be. What I am focused on is enjoying every moment along the way! The past 2 mornings I have gotten up and done my T25 workout. I just finished both rounds 1 and 2 on Friday so I’m starting over from the beginning. Each round is 5 weeks long. I love having a quick workout in the morning. Personally, it helps me wake up and get ready to take on the day! I drink my breakfast protein shake and I get ready for work. In the evenings I go to the gym and do some strength training exercises to focus on muscle toning.

To me, being healthy is about feeling your best in your body. For me that is having tone muscles and feeling confident in the clothes I wear whether that’s a wedding dress or jeans and a t-shirt.

So here’s to the next chapter as a fiance and enjoying every moment of it!