Quit the Shit, Get Fit!

Quit the shit, get fit!

Easier said than done right? For a couple months this mantra was the wallpaper on my iPhone. Every time I got a text, notification, or went to check the time I would see that sentence and remind myself of my WHY.

My wallpaper when I began my weight loss journey

Losing weight is typically the first thing we try to gain control over when we feel like our lives are spiraling out of control.

If I can just lose this weight than xyz will be better” or “If I can take control of my weight I can take control of my relationship with so-and-so”.

I see what you did there but you’re wrong.

You have to really take a step back and ask yourself WHY do you want to lose weight?

That is what I’m trying to get people to focus on, what’s below the surface level.

Of course, we all want to look good on the outside but it’s how we feel on the inside that shows through to people the most.

I’m here to share my story with you. I’m still in the process of my wellness journey but I’m at a place where I now feel like I can share with you my victories AND losses!

I’ve lost over 50 pounds and I’ve gained a healthier focus, relationship with food, a coping mechanism that is not destructive (more on that to come), and I’m also able to manage my stress and anxiety better than I have in 25 years!

Left: Nov 17′                                       Middle: Dec 18′                                Right: March 19′

I can’t wait to be vulnerable with you. That’s right, I said it: vulnerable

So let’s get fit and focus!