Why I Weigh Myself Daily

I used to cringe at the idea of weighing myself every morning. I was terrified that the Chipotle I ate the night before would rear its ugly head in the form of a 5 pound weight gain. When I did weigh myself after eating right and working out sometimes the number didn’t match the number I anticipated in my head and I would fester about it all day long.

When I started the nutrition program I’m currently on one of the things we’re supposed to do daily is weighing ourselves. I was actually happy that I finally found a nutrition program that encouraged weighing yourself daily. I was glad that something I was already doing that most people discouraged me from doing was now suddenly “okay” because it was part of this program. The difference between this program and what I was doing beforehand is all simply a mindset shift.

When I weighed myself daily prior to starting my program I would immediately think negatively if I didn’t like the number and think I’d have to restrict myself to get to where I wanted to be or if I did lose weight I’d think, “Okay now how can I keep this up?” I wasn’t concentrating so much on what I was putting into my body but the results. This can be really  dangerous if you’re not focused on healthy eating and exercise.

So in starting my program I learned that the scale is simply there as a measurement of data. I’ll repeat that. The scale is simply a measurement of data. When you weigh yourself it is giving you feedback (both positive and negative) on how what you’re eating affects your body.

What I’ve learned from weighing myself:

When I eat Chipotle the sodium content makes me bloat like crazy! As an alternative I make a healthier option at home when I want my taco fix OR if I plan to eat Chipotle, I make sure to drink plenty of water and try to get some cardio in to flush out the sodium! See, data!

My Chipotle Meal Prep

Sometimes after an intense workout my weight will stay the same or increase. This doesn’t mean that my body composition isn’t changing BUT it lets me know that muscle recovery can sometimes cause weight gain. When this happens, I don’t let it bother me and I continue to drink water to hydrate my muscles for faster recovery!

Weighing myself daily also shows me that my weight can fluctuate or plateau especially during that time of the month. There’s nothing I can do but continue to eat right and workout when I have the energy for it. This isn’t an excuse to eat whatever I want but it tells me that my body is holding onto the sodium more than usual due to my period.

The scale isn’t biased. It doesn’t know the difference between weighing a sack of potatoes vs. weighing yourself. It shouldn’t be your ONLY form of measurement. I take monthly measurements and progress photos. Have multiple sources of tracking. I’ve been fluctuating around the same weight for some time now but I’ve noticed a change in my body composition and that is perfectly normal! I bought a pair of jeans in a size 2 that I wouldn’t have been able to fit into back in January despite my weight being the same!


When we learn to understand what our body is telling us we can treat it better. I love weighing myself daily (even after the nights when I drink or eat too much) because its all data! I want to know how eating pizza will affect my weight. I want to know if that workout helped me see results.

Celebrating National Pie Day

If you’re like, “Okay I get what you’re saying BUT I’m still not ready.” That’s okay! Start small. Pick a day of the week to weigh in and record yourself. My boyfriend weighs in on Mondays. He likes to see how he did over the weekend and use that as a guide. I personally weigh in (daily) and record it on Wednesdays. I like to see how the first half of the week is shaping my progress and how my weekly meal prep is affecting me.

Find what works for you! Every BODY is different (see what I did there 😉) Don’t have a love hate relationship with the scale. It’s just data. Treat your body like a science experiment! Every week try something new, record the results, and make changes!

Have some fun with it! Trust me, you won’t regret it!