Week 1 Check In – without Alcohol

It has been one week since I have given up alcohol for lent! I honestly don’t feel any different! Going 7 whole days without alcohol was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I didn’t wake up and immediately feel clearer or have an orb of light shooting out of me or whatever people say it’s like. I just felt like me.

I turned down a drink at work and the floor didn’t crack and I didn’t fall through to Hell. No one batted an eyelash when I said “no thanks”. I was busy working on a project that needed my full attention and not having a drink probably helped my concentration!

I was eager to see how my Friday night date night would go! Drum roll please …..

It was completely normal! Just no alcohol!


As we waited for our reservation my boyfriend enjoyed a sample of wine, something we both usually engage in. I stood there while he sipped on it and despite not having anything to hold in my hands the conversation flowed nonetheless. 

When we were seated our server immediately brought out two glasses for wine. I quickly made a point to tell her I was giving up alcohol for lent and that I, instead, would prefer a sparkling water! I enjoyed a bottle of S.Pellegrino out of my wine glass and was able to have an amazing conversation and enjoy every bite of my food. Not feeling weighed down by the combination of food and wine was actually enjoyable.

I wanted to keep the night as close to our usual routine as possible so after dinner we went over to Pinstripes, where we usually will have another glass of wine and exchange conversation with the bartenders, who we’ve come to look at as friends.

I was pleased to share my decision to give up alcohol for Lent and met with the “Good for you” and also the “Oh man I could never do that!” Not having a drink didn’t make me any less of a person nor did it give me a super power for saying no. I was simply just being me.


My boyfriend and I were able to have a great night, like many others, and we were home and in bed by 12:30am.

The next morning I was able to wake up without a headache or feeling dehydrated. I was able to relax and take my time getting ready for my weekly workout with my trainer. I even went to the gym half an hour earlier so I could get in cardio before my hour session. I will say, out of everything my workout felt the most improved from not drinking.

I felt like I could lift more, lift heavier, and lift without getting as tired. Normally my Saturday sessions are a little bit of a struggle. In truth, I started booking the Saturday sessions in an effort to curtail my drinking on Friday nights in an effort to remind myself I have an early workout the next morning! What usually ended up happening was while I was out Friday night and the drinks were flowing I would say to myself, “It’s fine! I’ll be ok! One more glass!” That is why I usually struggled Saturday mornings!


So week 1 recap:

  • I still feel the same BUT
  • My workouts feel stronger
  • I can still go out and follow my routine without feeling awkward or like people are starring

Stay tuned for next weeks recap of no alcohol for Lent!