Have You Ever Met an Old Soul?


She was an old soul who wandered through life never quite fitting in with the status quo. She valued quality conversations but not just any conversation. Tell her about the book you read that made you cry. Tell her about your favorite constellation in the sky and what stories you’ve made up to go along with it. Tell her about the time you were small and your grandfather pushed you on the swing in the park and you pretended you were flying and how it made you feel.

She wasn’t like the other girls aimlessly taking selfies and hashtagging #basic to get hundreds of likes, she was the type of girl to sit with the older crowd because they made her feel comfortable and told her stories about travel and life experiences she was eager to have. She found solace in being alone because people didn’t understand her and sometimes she didn’t quite understand herself. You could find her in a bookstore sipping coffee while getting lost in another era, the 1920’s are her favorite ever since she read the Great Gatsby when she was 16.

She’s sweet but savage. Her guard is always up because she’s been hurt before and seen a lot that you could never begin to imagine. Old soul, young body. Did you ever feel like you were on the outside looking in? She has. She always knew she was meant for something more; more than the 9-5 day-to-day grind. Her mission on this earth is far grander than any story she has ever read. Part of the journey is figuring that out. She’s met some influential people along the way who’ve added immeasurable value to her life.

Chivalry, romance, and soul mates are things she believes in despite the world of Tinder and Netflix and Chill that we live in today. She believes in holding hands, opening doors, walking on the outer side of the street, picking up the tab (occasionally), forehead kisses, and love notes. The kind of man who ignites a fire in her soul and makes her believe in the happy endings she read about as a little girl.

She’s an old soul who listens to Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald while also having seen Britney Spears in concert 3 times. She has a curious appetite for history, architecture, and fashion. Take her to a museum and watch her become mesmerized by the art and sculptures, you’ll never see her look more beautiful. Did she tell you about the time she lived in Paris for 3 months? Did she tell you the way the cobbled stones made her feel the energy of the city of love with every step and fill her soul with wonder? I’ll bet if you asked her about the Opera she saw her eyes will light up as if she were there right now.

Beauty, elegance, and grace. Can you scroll through your Instagram feed and tell me who exudes that? Who channels any of those attributes on the inside? If the whole world was blind how many people do you think would be impressed? She’s as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside, but she’ll never acknowledge it. Her look is not one of her generation. She prefers rich textures and soft fabrics. Her leather jacket is her favorite piece of clothing to give a bit of edge to her otherwise guarded soul. Her favorite accessory is the mystique in her eyes whenever she is exploring.

She’s not materialistic but she values luxury. Bubble baths and wine tastings are a few of her favorite things. She prefers champagne to beer; watching the bubbles rise to the top like her excitement bursting when she runs her fingers over the pages of a new book. She’s an old soul who can appreciate technology for giving her an outlet to travel through web browsers and research history and high society yet she’ll always prefer books to e-books.

A rare breed and maybe a dying one? If you’re lucky enough to meet an old soul hold onto them with every ounce of strength you have because they are destined to change your life.