My On-the-Go Skincare Savior

I’m always on the go! From 6am-9pm you’ll constantly catch me running around whether it’s working all day downtown or working out with my trainer! Some nights I switch it up and take a Pilates class. The last thing I need is a pimple popping up and ruining my day! I don’t usually have time to check my makeup in the mirror so I make sure to invest in smudge proof makeup that won’t melt off after a little bit of sweat!

Besides coffee being my go-to Neutrogena has come to my rescue with their Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment!

My go-to products for getting ready for work!

The on-the-go treatment has a targeted dose of clinically proven red and blue light that when placed on the source of the breakout won’t flake or burn! The blue light works to kill the bacteria while the red light reduces inflammation. It only takes 2 minutes to get clear skin (plenty of time to scroll through Insta or sip on some coffee)!  I apply it 2-3 times while I’m on-the-go and don’t have to worry about it after! It’s such an easy addition to my daily routine! To get your own visit