I Did a 3 Day Juice Cleanse and I LIKED it!

With the holiday season in full effect I’m bracing myself for all the yummy treats that it entails! I have my work Christmas part this week, Christmas Eve and Day dinners coming up, New Year’s Eve dinner, and then I’m taking a 9 day trip to Florida the second week of January oh my!

I have been fortunate enough the past 6 months to develop some positive eating and workout habits that I can utilize for occasions like this however, the concept of a juice cleanse has peaked my interest ever since I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead on Netflix last year. After watching Joe Cross’s experience losing weight but still being fueled with energy it made curious if I could handle a juice cleanse myself. My boyfriend has done several juice cleanses and was successful with them as well as having his own juicer which enticed me to want to try it even more!

I felt like I was finally in the right mindset to give it a try. I decided to start with a 3 day cleanse. My boyfriend helped me write out what juices I was going to do for 3 days and what fruits and vegetables went into them so we could go to Mariano’s and buy everything I needed.

The list of groceries we needed for 3 days!

I decided to make the same juices for day 1 and day 3 so I doubled up the groceries for those days.


 Once we got all of the groceries we had to start prepping! This I will say is the most time consuming part so it’s best to do it while everything is out! Our tactic is to take large zip lock bags for the bigger juices (usually lunch and dinner) and medium sized juices for the smaller juices (usually breakfast and snack).

Once everything was prepped and labeled, it’s best to label BEFORE you put the fruits and vegetables in otherwise the bag gets wet and the marker won’t stick, we started making the juices for Day 1!

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Each juice was labeled 1-5. 2 and 4, and 3 and 5, would be the same juice. Juice 1 would be the “starter” juice, 1/2 a lemon and 2″ piece of ginger. I drink this as a tea in the morning to jump start my system for the day! It’s a small amount of juice but I add water and heat it up on my way to work!

The great thing is that the second and third juices make 2 servings! So once the juice was done I just split it into two cups!

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With my juices done it was time to clean up to prepare for the next days juicing!


As I started day 1 of my juice cleanse I heated up my juice 1 (ginger and lemon) and the other juices I placed into my lunch bag, stacked, with some ice cubes to keep them cold while I took the train downtown.

The trick to doing a juice cleanse is timing! Knowing what time you are going to have your juices actually makes the day go by and keeps you focused on when your next one will be! I chose to spread mine out over 2-3 hours.

My first juice was at 7am when I left work. My second juice I started at 9-9:30am and drank it slowly to hold my over until my lunch juice at 12pm. Then I have an afternoon “snack” juice at 3pm to hold me over until I get home from work. My last juice is so filling (same as my lunch) that I drink half of it before my workout and half after!


Some of the takeaways from my experience during the juice cleanse:

  • Drink plenty of water in between the juices
    • It’s important to stay hydrated and helps to keep you feeling full, you can also drink green tea or black coffee but don’t add any creamers or sugar!
  • Focus on 1 day at a time
    • It’s easy to get overwhelmed about the idea of not eating sold food for 3 days but when you just focus on 1 day at a time it becomes much more manageable
  • Check your schedule before committing!
    • I decided to do it Monday-Wednesday since I have my work Christmas party on Thursday and want to be able to enjoy it along with everyone else!
  • Remember, you’re not being punished! 
    • Doing a juice cleanse is the best thing you can do for your body! You’re getting rid of toxins (hello Christmas cookies and pie), you’re energy levels will increase, and you’ll sleep so much better
My lunch time juice!

Doing the juice cleanse has brought all types of positive changes and shown me I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to! I’ve even managed to lose 8 pounds and still continue to workout and crush my goals! Don’t look at a juice cleanse like a punishment and DON’T tempt yourself with pictures of food or surrounding yourself with people who might trigger you to give up!

If you’re interested in more recipes I suggest Pinterest and Joe Cross’s Juice Recipes 

Happy juicing!