5 Ways to Prepare for the Holidays on a Budget

Ever notice how you want to save money at the end of the year and that just so happens to be when all the holiday events, shopping, and trips get planned?


I’m in this back and forth battle of, “Save your money” and “Oooh I wanna go to that, Oooh I wanna buy that, and ooooh I need that!”

In an effort to stay sane during the upcoming holidays here are 5 ways to prepare:

1. Write down everything that will be happening now until the New Year (or beyond if you have a trip coming up like me)!

  • Boyfriends best friend’s birthday party
  • Tree lighting festival
  • Black Friday shopping
  • Trip in January


2. Estimate how much money you will need to save/spend for the event, gift, or money you want to have on the side.

  • Birthday party – $40 for food and drinks
  • Tree lighting festival – $10 hot chocolate
  • Black Friday shopping – $150 for clothes and gifts
  • Trip in January – $200 in cash to take with


3. Find ways to incorporate the things you already have to avoid FOMO

  • I went shopping for Halloween decorations the day after and got 70% off at Target
  • I have been comparing Pinterest outfits to clothes I have in my closet
  • I have been printing off recipes I want to make for meal prep and that are in the holiday spirit!


4. Find activities to do that DON’T cost money (or very little)!

  • Most ice skating rinks are free you just have to pay for skates (unless you have your own)
  • I mentioned tree lighting festivals earlier, save some money by making hot chocolate at home and bringing it along for the ride
  • Pinterest is my one stop shop for ideas – find some DIY that won’t break the bank and make custom gifts to save you some money!


5. Give yourself some well deserved Self-Care and close the apps and activate the “Do Not Distrub” button on your phone for at least an hour once a week!

  • Take a warm bubble bath with epson salt to destress
  • Read a book (Becoming by Michelle Obama is at the top of my list)
  • Cook a delicious meal for you (and maybe your loved one too)
  • Clean out your closet and donate old clothes for a good cause!


And last but not least, the holidays are meant to share with friends, family, and loved ones! Don’t let the stress of money get to you! Money comes and go but spending time with the ones you love can never be replaced!