Hello 40!

No this isn’t a birthday post, this is a “I’ve lost 40 pounds and I’m damn proud” post!

You read that right, 40 pounds down!

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this feeling is! I remember when I started out my journey and there were times I would let fearful thoughts creep into my head, “What if I can’t do it? What if I give up? What if I hate the process?” All these thoughts are valid but so was my goal, to lose weight and be healthier.

I started off not knowing what routine I was going to develop but I tried different things, I took notes, I took measurements and progress photos and I began to create a plan that worked for the needs of my body. I began hitting the gym every day after work, drinking protein shakes, and increasing my water intake. Slowly the weight began to melt off.

I may have lost weight but what I was gaining was much more valuable than my newfound muscles. I was gaining confidence. I was gaining self-love. Something I had lost under the weight of my own body. I had the love and support of my family but in order for me to really get serious about my weight loss I needed the love and support of myself.

I began meditating regularly and applauding myself anytime I hit a new PR (personal record) at the gym. I started to love my body for how strong and able it was to handle the stress I was enduring. I began running on the treadmill for cardio, each week keeping track of my miles and overall feeling after a run.

Trust me, there are always going to be obstacles and setbacks but it’s how you learn to overcome them that counts towards your progress and goals. I kept a daily tracker of my weight so that I could better monitor how certain foods were affecting me. Certain things caused me to bloat and certain things caused me to drop weight. I soon found that my “treat” meals on the weekend were setting me back 2-3 pounds at the start of the week and that I had to work extra hard to flush it out with water and cardio. I started to dial it back to just one cheat meal and then noticed I was starting the week off on a better track.

In addition to that, I was doing weekly meal prep on the weekend and portioning off my lunch so that I could just grab-and-go in the mornings. I prepped my breakfast shakes at night and grabbed that in the mornings too!

Something I hadn’t anticipated refocusing my mindset on was my relationship with alcohol. For as long as I could remember alcohol was used as my stress reliever. I realized the more I swapped out drinks for the gym I was creating healthier coping mechanisms. I started drinking more water with my alcohol to keep my body hydrated. I don’t know about you, but I hate the feeling of being hungover the next morning. Worse, I hate turning to junk food to deal with a hangover. Just recently, my boyfriend and I went out and the next morning I woke up craving a PROTEIN SHAKE! Who am I?!

The more in sync I became with my body the more reasons I found to love it. As the inches melted away the girl I had always wanted to be emerged from within. I carried myself better. My clothes I had packed away in the back of my closet started to fit again. I had more energy for an 8hr workday, 2hr commute, and an hour of working out each night!

There were days I would yell at the scale and talk my boyfriends’ ear off about why the scale wasn’t budging. When I hit a plateau, it was almost like a betrayal. I knew if I let myself get upset and let it defeat me I would only be ruining all the progress I had made. I also knew that my body was working hard for me and I valued all the effort it was making. I just recently came off a plateau that led to this new milestone!

From Monday-Wednesday, I didn’t lose weight. Well, I lost 0.2 pounds over the course of 3 days which was not normal for me. I had done 30 minutes of cardio every night on top of working out with a trainer for an hour Monday night and doing my own ab workout Tuesday, and doing Pilates last night. I stuck to my diet and was in shock that I had only lost 0.2 pounds! This wasn’t normal! Finally, I decided to experiment, I changed up my lunch to something with low sodium, increased my water for the day (I typically drink 4 30oz bottles of water), and ate a smaller dinner. My experiment paid off and this morning I was down a little over a pound! I’ve officially hit my 40 pounds down mark!

Anytime you are feeling stuck, take a deep breath and a step back and reevaluate what you are doing. For me, it was readjusting my diet. I didn’t want to over obsess about it, so I made a small change and saw continued progress. Having someone to talk to also makes it much easier to get through! Find an accountability partner or someone to help cheer you on when you get stuck! Whatever you do, do not give up! I’m telling you it is so satisfying to fit into clothes you thought you’d never fit into again or have people ask you if you’ve lost weight!

I’m so grateful for these 40 pounds and I can’t wait to see what the rest of my journey to healthy looks like!


January 27, 2018                                            September 29, 2018