I’m Body Positive but Still Focused on Losing Weight

Deciding to lose weight wasn’t something I woke up and decided I was going to do one day. It took a lot of mental strength and willpower. A lot of things in my life weren’t how I imagined them to be at the time and I decided enough was enough. I had to be honest with myself and openly admit, I do not love my body right now. I knew I was capable of losing weight because I had done it before, but I also reflect on that time and remember dreading workouts and endless chicken and salads. I also remember painful shin splints and plantar fascistic from running. All reasons that deterred me from jumping back on the fitness bandwagon.

I decided this time, I’m going to do my research and live a healthier lifestyle on my terms. I began absorbing health and wellness information like a sponge. I made a commitment to myself to start eating better and working out more consistently. Every day was a new opportunity for me to try a new recipe or workout. If something didn’t work for me I moved on to the next thing. If something was too hard I modified it or tried it again after a few weeks.

I wasn’t perfect right off the bat. I was losing weight slowly in the beginning and when my boyfriend went out of town for a week on business I decided to try switching up my diet. I went from one protein shake in the morning and a solid meal for lunch and dinner to one protein shake in the morning, solid meal for lunch, and a protein shake for dinner in addition to my evening workouts. When he came home that Friday I had lost 5 pounds in one week. He noticed the difference not only in how I looked but how energetic and optimistic I was. He felt like he came home to a new girlfriend and it was all because I felt like I finally found what worked for my body.

I kept up the pace of my new diet switching up my lunches every week and sticking to my two protein shakes a day. The weight was consistently falling off and I started to notice a change in my mindset. I went from, “losing weight is hard” or “I can never lose the weight” to all of a sudden “losing weight is easy” and “I’m so proud of my body”. THAT RIGHT THERE.

Let me repeat the most important one of all: “I’M SO PROUD OF MY BODY!”

Body positivity, to me, is being proud of the body I have because of how hard it works for me. I’m choosing to make health and wellness a priority for me so that later down the line I don’t have to worry about high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes like some of the members of my family. It’s the same concept of putting sunblock on your skin to prevent sun damage and skin cancer. You may not be at risk right now but you’re preventing future risks. I’m doing the same thing with my health!

I’m also making sure to be in a positive mindset every day in regard to progress. Some mornings I wake up and weigh myself and I’ve either lost (a little), gained, or maintained and instead of getting angry or questioning what is wrong with me I choose to be thankful. I thank my body for being strong enough to withstand the intense cardio, the Pilates classes, the healthy food, and hitting 10k steps a day. I remind myself of how far I’ve come and how much better I feel compared to before and that gives me a positive outlook on my body and journey.

When you choose to look at health and wellness in a positive light it creates endless opportunities for you to improve other aspects of your life. I’ve found that my calendar fills up with planned workouts, meal prep ideas for the following week, and dinner dates with my boyfriend or friends. I look forward to doing more because my body is fueled and ready to go! So even though I’m body positive I still choose to focus on my weight loss because that brings positivity to every aspect of my life.