What to Wear When You’re Losing Weight

I’m at such a crossroads right now because I’m in the process of losing weight but still being too big for some of my favorite clothes. It can really be frustrating when you walk into your closet to pick out something to wear but you’re limited to a small corner of the closet where your clothes fit.

For me, I have clothes that I’ve held on to from 2 years ago when I was at my skinniest and I have clothes that I know I can squeeze into because of the stretchy material. Let’s also not forget about leggings. I literally LIVE in leggings right now because why not?

I’m also running into the problem that some of my clothes are dated. That cute top I used to fit into 2 years ago is not only too small but it also doesn’t reflect the person I am now. It seems I’m on the verge of a closet remake. I have clothes that I don’t fit into that are good quality, clothes that are dated, and clothes that fit currently but I’m getting tired of.

In September, I plan to go on a shopping trip with my mom to the outlet mall for some new work/every day clothes. I’m hoping by that point (7ish weeks from now) I’ll be down another 10 pounds and feeling more confident in buying new (key) pieces.

Until then, I’ve been given some good advice to move the clothes that don’t fit (yet) out of the closet and to just toss/donate anything that isn’t currently working for me. It’s better to have a closet full of pieces you know will work then a closet full of “hmm…maybe?”

Another important thing to remember is, I’ve come so far from where I was and instead of feeling frustrated I need to feel excited! Just last week I tried on 2 skirts that I haven’t been able to wear in over a year and was so thrilled when they fit me and I was able to get the zipper up! I took a picture to mark the progress and then folded them up and placed them in my drawer to wear in the near future!

So I guess to answer my own question, what to wear when you’re losing weight: edit your closet, try on your favorite pieces every couple of weeks to check the fit and take photos!

Once you’re near a happy medium with your weight loss take yourself shopping! Celebrate how far you’ve come! People can buy plastic surgery but no body can buy the muscles you’ve gained!