25 and Ready to Thrive

This morning I woke up as an official 25 year old. No longer the Birthday Girl with my imaginary crown on my head (I did get a real one to wear to dinner) but just another human being walking the streets of Chicago on my way to work. There’s this sense of magic when it’s your birthday. You feel like you’re walking around with this invisible cloud of energy around you but no one sees it.

The thing is, if everyone treated every day like it was their birthday maybe there would be more happiness in the world. If everyone woke up every day celebrating another day on this planet then maybe there would be less anger and sadness.

I can tell you for sure, when I woke up yesterday morning I immediately felt happy. I was energized and excited. Granted, the clock read 5am and I was headed to the gym to get a workout in since I knew I wouldn’t get the chance to in the evening but I still found myself walking taller and smiling to more people.

When I got dressed in the morning I put more effort and energy into my appearance because it was a special day and because when I do my hair and makeup and put on a cute outfit I genuinely FEEL good about myself. This morning I smudged yesterdays eye shadow into todays smokey eye and threw on the first outfit I could find.

This morning I woke up and told myself, “I am no longer available for negative energy, people, or situations. I am only available for positive people, energy, and situations.” And I completely am. I want to spend every day only available for the things that make me feel good and positive.

I had an incredible surprise last night when I got to my car after getting off the train. My mom had decorated the inside of my car with HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY JULIANN!!!! signs and balloons. It was so thoughtful and made me feel so special. I hadn’t expected her to go that extra mile for me and it really made me feel validated. When I got to Portillos for dinner my boyfriend had surprised me by getting there on time when I thought he was going to be a half hour late. It’s the little gestures that made the night special.

When we got home he had given me a card and 2 gift cards, 1 for Starbucks and 1 for Sephora. Two of the places I love and it meant more than flowers that would die in 3-4 days. When people take the time to make you feel special that’s how everyday should feel. That is how we should go about every day. The things that are done for me that make me feel special are the same things I want for the people I care about.

For 25, I only want to continue to better myself. I’m finding that showing up and being a good girlfriend, daughter, granddaughter, coworker, and friend is what is important to me.

Cheers to 25!