5 Ways to Stick to Your Goals in 2018!

Every year it’s the same “New Year New Me” bullshit we’ve grown accustomed to hearing and laughing off. Some of us start with the usual, “I’m going to lose weight! I’m going to save money! I’m going to go to the gym and workout with a trainer 3 times a week! I’m going to travel more!” …. You get the idea.

Everything starts off great and then after the first few days of the New Year and going back to work you slowly sink back into the same routine you were in. Your list of goals gets piled under the bills and magazines to be forgotten about until it’s too late and you’ll “start on Monday”. Another joke of a lie we tell ourselves.

Hey, I’m not judging!

I’ve been a victim to it one too many times. What I have found that works for me is to start small. With anything. It is much easier to take baby steps and work your way up. Picture it this way: it’s easier to save up for a vacation when you breakdown the total amount into monthly or weekly numbers. If you’re planning on taking a vacation that costs $2,500 that price is a little bitter right off the bat. But if you break it down by it’s parts it doesn’t seem that unattainable.

Let’s say the airfare is $400 round trip, the hotel is $1000, food is gonna be about $400 (including drinks obvi), and the extra $700 is for buying souvenirs and going to events and shows without using credit cards and feeling guilty!

So lets look at it this way, what can you start putting aside now to have that money in 6 months? What can you skip in the upcoming weeks to save that money? BABY STEPS.

I like to use these 5 steps when setting new goals whether for the new year or just in general:

1. Baby steps. Break it all down. Break down the costs, timeline, everything.

2. Make someone you trust your accountability partner. Make them smack your hand when you’re straying from your goal. Make sure this is someone you trust who isn’t going to let you fail.

3. Make daily or weekly goals depending on the overall goal. When you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed write down one goal you have that you can achieve either that day or that week.

4. Add to that list what you are grateful for that you already have. When you give thanks to the things you have now it makes you more appreciative of how hard you’ve worked to get to where you are and to where you want to be.

5. Reward yourself. When you lose that 10 pounds or save that extra $100 reward yourself. Whether that is taking an extra long bubble bath with epson salt and Dr. Teals lavender bubble bath or splurging on that manicure you’ve been in desperate need of. TREAT YOSELF because you earned it.

Hope these tips work for you! Leave me a comment with what works best for you!